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One reason I like Don Draper so much is because it seems like he is constantly analyzing himself.  A lot of the time, his job weighs on his conscience.  Luckily, I don’t have a guilty conscience, but I do like to look back on how things have changed.

During this semester, there has been many reasons to look back and reflect.  I am graduating in about two weeks, and it seems a little surreal.  I know I have many places to go and see, but I am absolutely proud of myself to this point.

With that being said, this class has helped me develop my professional skills just as well as any class I have taken in college.  I have met many helpful people I never thought I would.  I have developed skills for the ever changing social media market.   I have built a blog and social media resume that includes social media tools and online communication resources.  This class has absolutely exceeded expectations and I look forward to continue learning about new social media marketing tactics.

Right now I think my social media tools are used to present myself and develop connections as I attempt to find a career.

Social Media Resume