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Have you every been to a Social Media Seminar for work? Yea, me neither.  Dr. Long challenged us with the idea of assembling a one day social media seminar for our co-workers.

My group consists of Erica Pope, Tilmon Keaton, Tiffany Faber, and this is what we came up with:

We wanted to make the environment a little more fun so we decided to conduct the seminar somewhere in downtown Nashville, probably a hotel or restaurant.

Session 1 – an overview of Social Media and how it is beneficial, how to sign up, etc.  Lunch

Session 2 – cover Twitter/Facebook and how to use it professionally                  Session 3 – LinkIn/Youtube and how to use it professionally                                Session 4 – cover the Dos and Don’ts of social networking

The seminar would simply be an extension of our organization, therefore; it would be promoted through e-mail.  Also, we decided to make a Facebook events page covering the schedule.

Hopefully this would be a fun way to cover social media and a good way to teach our colleagues how to use it without embarrassing our organization.