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I have to admit this blog has been quite educational.  The organizations and people I have observed have been extremely helpful.  The BackNine Network has really taught me a lot.  They have practically developed their entire network through social media.  It was an honor to meet Lyn Hoyt and see her perspective on where social networking is going.  My network has absolutely grown.  I am still questioning how to make my way into the Golf realm of social media.  I might have to actually create a new Twitter account that is strictly my thoughts for the @PGATour and golf related ideas.

I would say most of the growth is attributed to just paying attention to what is going on as far as Facebook and Twitter goes.  Also, I have gained many new followers on Pinterest.  Who would have thought?

Last, the blog has made me be more conscious of my writing.  I don’t necessarily believe my writing has gotten better, but I have to worry more about how it will appear to the public.  The main thing this blog has inspired me to do is write about things that are important to me.  I tend to not be a very opinionated person but this blog is a place where I can share those thoughts.