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I came across many of Jason Falls’ (@jasonfalls) articles when we were discussing how to develop a successful blog earlier in the semester.  I remember reading an article that made me laugh.  His style of writing seems very honest and upfront, and I like that, a lot.  Falls is the founder and currently the CEO of Social Media Explorer.  They give up to date information on social media marketing and online communications.  I really like this page they have for newcomers.  Anyways, Jason has obviously developed a huge social media following due to his insight and ability to communicate with and educate others.  A few questions I might throw his way…

  1. You were #9 on the Forbes Top 50.  How does it feel to be on the top of the social media world?
  2. Do you feel any pressure to be innovative in the social media communication business?
  3. Last, where do you think social media is going?  What will be the big new thing in five years?

It is easy to see Mr. Falls has had a tremendous impact on the social media communication initiative.  Who knows, maybe some of us social media students will be in his place next.