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President Barrack Obama 

Mitt Romney 

Ron Paul

Newt Gingrich  

Gary Johnson

It is obvious President Obama is still out performing everyone from a social media standpoint.  It really only comes down to one thing for me and that is who is the most personal.  Which candidate lets me see into their lives the most?  I think President Obama does.  Mitt Romney is simply parading his family on his Facebook page.  Yes, we understand you have a lot of kids Mitt.

Most of the other candidates clearly do not have the budget to keep up with President Obama and Mitt Romney.  With that being said, it just looks like Mitt’s campaign is a second rate version of Obama’s.  Romney is trying to do a lot of the same things Obama did in ’08.  Well Mitt, we’ve already seen it once.  President Obama beat you to it, therefore; he is crowned the social media winner.