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There are many organizations trying to incorporate branding strategies through social media, and why wouldn’t they?  Social media is a great place to connect with their customers.  Online shopping is as popular as ever and social media allows organizations to market to their customers online.  Next, I will identify some common practices of organizations to incorporate social media into their branding and engaging efforts.

  1. As the infographic below says, most consumers are following brands for the discounts and coupons.  Use your social media accounts to offer certain coupons.  It will help garner interaction and loyalty.
  2. Analyze which platforms are more efficient for specific tasks.  Facebook and Twitter can be utilized differently.  The infographic shows us that the Facebook is utilized by far more companies.  Depending on the organizations target demographic, some platforms can be more useful than others.
  3. Be conversational.  It is much easier to communicate with your network when they feel comfortable reaching out.

An organization that I follow fairly closely is Nike Golf @nikegolf.  I realize this organization has the budget to market unlike most organizations do, but they do a great job of using social media to cater to their demographic.

15 Best Practices