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The above title is a reference to Allen Iverson’s famous quote.  If you have watched much sports in your life then you have probably heard this interview “The Answer” did several years ago.

In this post, I will identify some of the best and worst “practices” for Twitter.

Twitter actually gives us some points that they consider to be the best practices to build a following and reputation.  I will summarize, but also alter the points as I see more or less important.

Listen – pay attention to what is going on in your industry, check in to what people are saying using keyword search and listen to what your followers are talking about

Share – post information that you feel necessary, but also post interesting and intriguing news

Ask/Respond/Reward – pose questions to your followers; give them feedback and offer prizes for their interaction

After researching some of the worst Twitter practices, I decided to pick out the ones I thought were the worst and the ones that annoy me the most.

Mistaking quantity over quality – having thousands of followers is not a good testament to how effective a person or brand uses twitter

Misspelling/poorly worded tweets – think before you tweet, please! Proofread!

Clustering tweets – it is always pretty annoying when someone decides to mass tweet about once a week clogging up everyone’s timeline