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Considering YouTube is the second largest search engine now, it is a great tool for social media professionals to utilize.  I know there are many golf professionals that use Twitter to promote their clubs and teaching theories.  Many organizations are starting to promote their brand through Youtube, and these are a couple organizations that interest me who are doing the same.

The first organization that comes to mind is an organization I highlighted earlier on my blog, The BackNine Network.  They are a new company who is trying to enter the television market.  Their goal is to put a new spin on how the game of golf is portrayed in the media.  They have done a good job of promoting their organization through YouTube.  Check out their channel.

Another organization I recently took notice of is Seemore putters.  They do a great job of promoting their products and brand on Youtube.  There are many golf companies that do not take part in social networking, but Seemore does a good job of staying innovative.  Check out their channel.