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Quality over quantity absolutely applies to Twitter and your network. My biggest pet peeve for Twitter is the person who clogs up your timeline. I know what you have to say is important, but space it out please. I like to follow professional golfers especially the ones who give me more insight into who they are as a person. I like people that are genuine and honest, in real life and on Twitter.

A few of my favorite Twitter followers include:
Jason Sobel @JasonSobelGC – He is a senior writer for the Golf Channel. He is extremely witty and funny when it comes to everything on the PGA Tour.

Bubba Watson @bubbawatson – Bubba is a professional golfer who just so happened to win the Masters this past week. He replied to me once which is mostly why I like him. Other than that, he is simply a good guy who engages with his fans on Twitter.

Marty Hackel @MrStyleMH – He is the fashion director for Golf Digest. He keeps me updated on the new trends on the PGA Tour. He doesn’t tweet much but when he does it’s pretty funny.

Mark Schaeffer @markwschaefer – Mark is very good on Twitter probably because he studies social media constantly. He gives great news on the trends of the social media world.

Rob McGill @GolfProRob – Rob is the golf pro at the local country club, Stones River CC. He tweets about events going on at his club and new ideas regarding the game of golf

As you can see, most of my interests surround golf. It may be a bit overkill but I am determined to build a network that contains my biggest interests.