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It seems like the relevancy of our Social Media class here at MTSU is constantly being questioned.  Most of us know the importance of social media in the work force, but there are some professors who tend to disagree.  Hopefully, by presenting and identifying some academic based research on the topic we can persuade others to be more accepting of the importance of social media to communication professionals.

Using Social Media to Build an Online Professional Network of Middle Level Educators

This article details how young teachers are building networks through social media.  Social media has become a platform for young teachers and students to bounce ideas off each other.  Before, the web did not allow conversation to develop.  Now, blogs and wikis are faciliting conversations about work and professional content.  This allows young professionals to develop specific interests and ideas.  While most communication professionals do not consider teaching, a similar trend can be recognized within the communication field.

Grasping Social Media Can Benefit Businesses

This article interested me mostly from an organizational communication perspective.  As a major field that often studies interaction in business tactics, this article seems quite useful.  This news article from Japan identifies how big businesses are paying attention to social media more than ever.  In the businesses environment trends are constantly changing and social media is a great way to keep up with consumer trends.  It is becoming a terrific research tool for big business or even non-profit organizations.

By looking at the news it is evident social media is important for young professionals.  I hope more educators can begin to accept the relevancy of this topic in job markets across the world.