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As we continue to focus on “engagement”, here are a few links that help us understand a little more about the process.  The best practices of engaging your network begin to resonate throughout every article I read.

4 Tips for Authentic Online Engagement – I like this article a lot.  It incorporates many of the usual tips I hear about engagement, but it does encourage people to “keep it real” and think about what the message means to fans, customers, and partners.

Tips for Better Engagement – This link offers more examples of ways to interact with your network.  It is also a more credible source considering it is commentated by the top community managers who know a few things about building a community.

Ten Best Practices – I like this particular article because it adds a personal element.  It tells us to use “the golden rule” and “build relationships.”  It seems like online engagement is not far from engaging someone in conversation.