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No, I’m not talking about marital engagement. If you know me, you know I don’t exactly believe marriage is the answer, to anything. With that being said, I want to analyze how “engagement” is used in a social networking sense.

As I have learned throughout social media class, everything in networking is surrounded by engagement. How do we engage our audience? Just as we engage an audience when writing or speaking, we have to engage our network online.

I think this can easily be compared to sitting down on a first date or just simply carrying on a conversation with someone. There are people you meet and you can just talk to them with ease. That is how I see engagement working. If you read a blog post, or a tweet and you say, “Wow. I can relate.” Of course, engagement consists of much more than just grabbing your reader’s attention. Engagement is ultimately used to build relationships and connect with your broader audience.

A few tips for optimal engagement include: 1) Know when users are online. There are times during the day when your network are more inclined to see and read your posts. 2) Ask questions and present interesting content that reaches out to your audience. 3) As I previously mentioned, listen! Make sure you are keeping up with mentions and comments.

5 Ways to Increase Engagement