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Listening has never been so important.  We will begin to dive into some of the communication issues regarding social media professionals and listening may be the most important concept.  Of course, listening is just as important in interpersonal communication, or everday conversation.  I can’t explain how many presentations I have given where no one was listening (imagine being a teacher/professor).  It is pretty frustrating.

Listening, when applied to social media communication, is slightly different.  This is really what allows you to engage your audience and create communication that flows like a normal conversation.  As Gary Vaynerchuk explains, everyone thinks it’s about information and content but engaging your audience mostly consists of listening.  This is Vaynerchuk’s rant about most people’s inability to listen.  While his style of speech is kind of ridiculous, this speech does have some merit.

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“Everybody thinks twitter was about talking”

If you think about it, most of the celebrities on Twitter or social media who are the best are the people who listen to their fans.  The people who listen and give back are the ones creating a brand.

The first place to start with listening is just simply searching your relevant service or industry on Twitter or Facebook.  It is important to see what people are talking about and from there, you can connect with individuals or businesses by giving feedback.