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I’ve got to admit I don’t really get into television shows, but I’m loving Mad Men.  The Season 5 Premier did nothing but reinforce the addiction.  I have begun to relate to certain characters and laugh at every reaction.  Sometimes I think it is kind of sad to become so absorbed in a TV show.  Sometimes I think it is ridiculous that the makers of this show have me eating out of the palm of their hand.  Sometimes, I think it’s awesome the characters pour a drink every time they walk into a meeting.  Either way, I really enjoy the show.  It makes one envious not to live in that era.

The new addition of Megan as Don’s wife is great, in my opinion.  She makes me believe Don really does have a good heart, kind of.  She is much more innocent than the rest of the firm (maybe only because she’s like 20).  Roger is slowly becoming my favorite character simply because I love a good smart ass.  He never fails to throw in that one-liner.  The show seems to have plenty of twists and turns in store for this season.  I just hope it lives up to last season’s shocking ending.

Pleasant viewing.