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After much argumentation from our group, mostly just from me, we’ve decided it would be best for the ORCO major to design both a fan page and a group on Facebook.  They both have many advantages, but the advantages seem to be quite different.

A group is important because it creates interaction between a specific group of people, and that is definitely something you want within the ORCO community.  This gives members of the ORCO major/minor community to present ideas, internships, and job opportunities.

A fan page will be utilized more to attract new students to the ORCO major.  This page is used simply to promote the Organizational Communications community and tell people what exactly it is we study.  This page can be used to promote the events the IABC conducts, or simply events going on around campus.

We thought it would be better for the ORCO major to utilize both of these tools because they both have different capabilities.