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Below is an essay I wrote for my SMC Orco class.  It describes my personal evolution with Facebook.  Most people simply use Facebook for social interaction, but Facebook is constantly changing.  Contemplate how Facebook has changed your life or changed the culture around you.

                For me, Facebook started out as this cool social networking mystery.  I remember sitting in my friend’s bonus room talking to his older brother about the release of Facebook to the public.  When I was younger, it was only a social networking tool for college students.  It was released to the public (maybe only high school students) when I was a junior, I think.  My friends and I were all pretty jealous of the older college kids who were on Facebook before it was released.  It was something we didn’t have.  It was innovative and fun.  My experience with Facebook began as a means to keep up with friends.  In high school, I didn’t use it too much.  I posted pictures of typical events.  Of course, now that I look at the big picture, it seems pretty immature.  Honestly, when Facebook first came out, we adored it.  My friends and I spent endless amounts of time on it.

             When I left for college, Facebook was a way for me to keep up with my friends from high school.  It was probably the only way I kept up with my friends.  There is an entire community of former teammates that I have on Facebook, and it is the only way I can keep up with what they’re doing.  Throughout my college career, until now, Facebook has been used for social use only.  Considering, it is a “social” networking sight that is not too big of a stretch, but now I am joining the professional job market.  Facebook is becoming a tool for me to present my brand or image.  I feel like my Facebook gives an accurate description of who I am.  I am not completely absorbed in the Facebook world anymore.  I do check my Facebook timeline practically every day, but I don’t spend hours a day on the site.  I still use Facebook mostly for social use, but my interaction has slowed tremendously. 

                My new Facebook adventure is an attempt to drive traffic to the Tennessee Golf Foundation page.  Judging by the number of “Likes” we have received, I am not doing a very good job.  Most of my friends are not concerned about pages on Facebook.  Unless it is a particular celebrity or musician, it is difficult to draw an attraction.  I feel like Twitter is much more accessible for organizations.  It is easier to gain followers by posting relevant content.    Either way, my relationship with Facebook has evolved quite a bit over the years.  Facebook is a tremendous opportunity to connect with the people around us and I hope to continue to keep up with the ever-changing social media community.