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Yes, the above title is a reference to the Adam Lambert song.  Questions can be directed via comment.  Some would say I have had one too many… well… for the sake of academia and Dr. Long I’ll stop there.

I have decided to follow Rob McGill’s blog throughout the course of the semester.  I actually know Rob McGill and I admire his work.  He is an advocate of twitter, and he is a proponent of connecting with clients via social networking.  Rob is the head golf professional at Stones River Country Club in Murfreesboro.  I enjoy the refreshing outlook he takes within the game of golf.  He is constantly trying to learn new things and teach the game of golf which becomes evident in his constant feedback throughout social media.

Also, the Facebook page I plan on following throughout the semester is the Tennessee Golf Association’s page.   I have been fairly closely related to them as I have grown up, and I look forward to seeing what they do with social media.  They are quite advanced  technologically, and I think this will help them promote their organization with the upcoming generations.  It will be interesting to follow them throughout the course of the semester and in the future.