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I took quite a hiatus from the blogging world.  Spring break was the main factor that contributed to my decline in content.  I enjoyed too many bad rounds of golf, but now I have made the leap back on the wagon. Now it’s time to transition into a little academia.

Organizational Communication professionals are abundant in the social media world.  1) I think most non-profits or event planners simply want to get their name out to the public.  Social networking is a great way to get your brand out in the open.  2)  Also, by presenting beneficial information, organizations are able to network with customers or clients.  Many organizations can relay messages or promotions, and they can become more acquainted with their clientele.  3)  Last, many organizations are using social media simply to keep up with competition.  There are many organizations who feel it is absolutely necessary and that is the only reason they’re involved.

The organization I am really excited about analyzing throughout the rest of the semester is the Back 9 Network.  They are trying to reinvent the way golf is portrayed in the media.  They have a blog up and running, but they are definitely still in the start-up phase.  Social media is really the only way to find them.  It will be interesting to see how they use social networking to change golf culture.

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