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Welcome to my blog.  I feel like someone should be welcoming me considering I am new to this as well.  Oh well, this space is for all things that I deem relevant, which is mostly why I like this idea of blogging.  My interests include sports and more specifically golf, but there is no telling what I could write/think about from time to time.  I try to dabble in a little bit of everything.

I did watch the majority of tonight’s Grammy Awards.  The Twitter world was filled with its usual criticism.  Adele took home the show winning Record and Song of the Year.  She is hard to dislike with such an open, candid personality.  The Grammy’s definitely did not upset this year.  There were many great performances including the Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt tribute to Etta James.  On a night where many mourned the unexpected death of Whitney Houston, there were many  terrific performances to celebrate her electric musical career.

It has become a nice tradition to watch the Grammy’s with my sister.  For a family that is not very musically inclined, we all share quite a love for quality tunes.  I guess that’s what growing up around Nashville does. Until next time.

Goodnight cruel world…