Final Plea



While this is my last post for my ORCO-Social Media course, it will definitely not be my last post on this blog.  I am already brainstorming topics to educationally ramble about to my small following.

This is my final plea to Mr. Jeff Gibson, the Chair of the Speech and Theatre Department.  He has been quite reluctant to continue social media courses.  In hopes of persuading him, I have written the following letter:

Attn: Mr. Jeff Gibson

Speech and Theatre Department


Dear Mr. Gibson

I understand you may be reluctant to accept social media courses into your permanent curriculum.  Social media is constantly changing and growing.  Sometimes it is difficult for professionals to even keep up with the constant influx of material.  While it may be a bit complicated and new, I urge you to take into consideration some of the educational merit social media courses have to offer.

Social media revolves around communication.  It has taught me more about rhetoric than any other educational tool thus far.  Social media is a constant attempt to engage your audience.  When we learn how to engage with one another then that is when we are able to make the most of these online social media platforms.  Most people believe social media is about content.  The popular misconception is that I will throw this material on Facebook or Twitter and people will simply like it.  It is far more advanced than that.  Building a network and creating connections consists of research.  It is about researching your particular industry and listening to the conversation.

Before I took this course, I had no idea of the professional skills that social media could provide for me.  I was on Twitter and Facebook to have fun.  Now, I realize it can be extremely helpful to me in my future endeavors.  I strongly urge you, Mr. Gibson, to research what other schools are doing with social media courses.  As social media continues to grow, it can only become that much more important to become educated on how to use this professional tool.




Davis Pearce